Shipping & Returns

Paras Stone Carving can arrange shipping to your nearest sea port or airport, using one of our very reliable shipping agents. Obviously your selected products can be air freighted but, taking into account that air freight costs are determined by weight and not by cubic meters, which is how sea freight is charged, the weight of most stone carvings would make the cost of air freight, very high. However, some of our smaller products may be suitable for air freight.

As already mentioned, sea freight costs are determined by the cubic meter or part there of. For example, if your products were .75 cubic meters, you would pay for 1.0 cubic meter, if they were 1.5 cubic meters, you would pay for 2 cubic meters. These cubic meter measurements also include the packaging around the individual items.

Our policy regarding returns is that you, the customer, would be liable for paying the return shipping costs to us. This obviously would be a very expensive process, we therefore suggest that you fully insure your items to cover both your purchase price and shipping costs. We take a great deal of care in packaging items for shipping to ensure that, under normal handling conditions, breakages would be very rare indeed.

Please be aware, shipping charges will be incurred at both the Bali end and also at your destination port so make sure you take this into account before purchasing. Any shipping charges paid to us do NOT cover any port charges at your your destination port.

Included in our shipping fees:

  1. Packing to export standard packaging.
  2. Trucking from Bali to port of loading.
  3. Ocean freight to destination.
  4. Export documents.
  5. Export customs clearance.
  6. Handling and stuffing.
  7. Fumigation including ISPM # 15 standard.
  8. Sending the original documents, including fumigation certificate, to destination.
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